Aiden & Erin Stone & Aiden Ashley Teen Porn

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Erin’s entire body ached after standing all night at a concert she had been to so she went to see a masseuse to get some of the soreness worked out. Her sexy masseuse Aiden stripped her naked and laid her on the massage table then started slowly working her body with her skilled hands. As she rubbed her sore legs Aiden let her hand wander up to Erin’s ass. Her hands made their way between Erin’s legs as she rubbed her pussy and took this massage in a very erotic direction. Erin was so comfortable and relaxed she didn’t object so Aiden stripped naked, crawled on top of her started eating her pussy. Erin loved how it felt having her pussy licked, but wanted to return the favor so she swung her around and pulled Aiden into a 69 then she slid her tongue into Aiden’s tight pussy. This was quickly becoming a massage neither woman would forget.