Alison Rey & Robby Echo Happy Ending Video In ‘The Come Out Special’ Scene

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Robby Echo walks in to his 6 o’clock massage appointment. Alison Rey greets him asking if he’s got any areas that are giving him trouble. Off the bat, he’s confused and asks if there’s camera in the place. Baffled, she says of course not and leads him to a massage table. Once they get there, he tells her he thinks there’s been a mistake. He booked a special massage that he can barely pronounce. She asks if he’s referring to a Nuru massage and he lights up explaining that that was what was recommended to him. Annoyed that he wasn’t specific when he booked his appointment, it looks like she’s going to have to give him the massage herself. Clearing up the misunderstanding, she takes him to the back to get set up for his Nuru massage. She tells him to undress so they can start step 1 and Robby rips his clothes off eager to get things going. They enter the shower and she puts her hands under the warm water. She scoops the water up and pours it over his arms and chest, making sure not to miss an inch. Stroking his cock, he exclaims how he’s come to the right place. She sits him down and starts jerking him off, playing with his dick as they kiss. She has him lie down on the mat and covers his entire body with oil, gliding up and down. He’s getting more turned on by the minute. She sucks that dick again making sure it’s nice and hard before climbing on top of him. He fucks her from behind cumming all over her ass and back. This is definitely one appointment he’ll never forget!