Asa Akira & Kelly Klass Kissing Video

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Kelly’s dad is married to the sexy Asa who is always telling Kelly that she should come down to the massage parlor she works at and get a massage. One afternoon Kelly decides to take her up on the offer. When she gets to the parlor she realizes there has been a mix up and Asa has been assigned to be her masseuse. She is a little nervous about her stepmom massaging her, but tries to relax. As the massage gets started Kelly asks Asa why she is always so mean to her and Asa apologizes and wants to make it up to her. She does so by gently, sensually massaging Kelly’s amazing tits. Kelly is a little freaked out at first, but it does feel good. As Asa’s hands make their way up Kelly’s thighs to her tight pussy she is so relaxed and turned on she lets Asa do as she pleases. Asa flips her over, buries a finger in Kelly’s pussy and slides her tongue in Kelly’s ass. Kelly cums so hard her entire body shakes. She had no idea she was this into girls or that her stepmom was this amazing at getting girls off.