Brandi Love & Dean Van Damme Hardcore Porn In ‘The Tired Client’ Video

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Dean Van Damme shows up at a massage parlor for his massage, but there’s no one there to greet him… until the sexy Brandi Love, dressed only in her lacy underwear, hurries into the room.

She apologizes, saying that she wasn’t expecting any clients right now. She has an important conference call — can Dean come back in an hour when she’s done? He tells her that he’s traveled an hour to get there, and he’s had the massage booked for two weeks, so… After a few moments, Brandi gets a brilliant idea: she’ll massage Dean AND do the conference call at the same time!

She grabs a nifty headset and leads Dean into the massage parlor. Although Dean’s probably expecting a shower, he gets a bath instead so that Brandi can stay in the conference call. As she begins the call, with various other parlor owners discussing the numbers they’re seeing, the masseuse and client strip down. Brandi is calm and collected as she bathes Dean, who is getting more aroused with each passing minute but remaining quiet.

They then move over to the inflatable mattress where the NURU massage begins. Now Brandi finds it harder to be quiet now herself as she sensually rubs her hands all over Dean’s oily body. She can’t help but to make plenty of innuendos along the way, referring to ‘big’ numbers while gazing lustfully at Dean’s hard cock.

Once Brandi oils her body up and they start slipping and sliding together, the people in the conference call get suspicious, especially when Brandi boldly goes down on Dean. The wet sounds of her blowing Dean make her colleagues question where she is and what she’s doing. She insists that she’s just at the water cooler — the microphone is very sensitive and is catching every little sound. Now that Brandi and Dean can’t resist each other any longer, she tells her colleagues to take a 15-minute break. She then tosses aside the headset and eagerly slips Dean’s cock into her pussy, which gives her plenty of ideas on how her colleagues can increase their numbers even more next quarter!