Isabelle Deltore & Alex De La Flor in ‘Massage My Ego’ Latina Porno

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Isabelle Deltore and Alex De La Flor are in the office, looking over some paperwork at their separate stations. The phone rings and Alex picks it up. She paraphrases what she’s told out loud so that her boss can overhear – apparently there’s a complaint about their newest gel being too dry.

As Isabelle listens, she becomes furious. When Alex attempts to calm down the boss while keeping the caller on the line, Isabelle gestures for the receiver, then tells the person on the other line how dare people question her gel. She informs them that she developed the formula for the new gel personally, did a full R&D phase, and has maintained rigorous quality control throughout… and there’s no way in hell that these accusations are going to fly with her!

Isabelle promptly hangs up on the customer, then asks Alex if she REALLY followed up everything like she said she did. Alex sheepishly admits that she sent in the gel samples to the lab but they never got back to her in time, so she just said they were approved so they didn’t miss any deadlines. She called them twice a day and they kept promising her that the results would be ready shortly, but…

Isabelle is NOT happy and scolds Alex, frustrated that Alex would put the company on the line like that. Isabelle tells Alex that they’re going to have to test out the gel right here, right now. When Alex asks Isabelle how she wants to conduct the test, Isabelle sweeps everything off of Alex’s desk and pushes it all on the floor as Alex’s mouth drops. Isabelle tells her that she needs to let her give her a massage to make sure the gel is working effectively. Alex reluctantly agrees as she starts taking off her clothes. She lies down on the desk and Isabelle oils up her hands and starts working on her body. From the initial assessment, it seems like the gel is working just fine, but Isabelle needs to be sure.

Isabelle soon starts taking off her clothes as well. She doesn’t want to get oil on her clothes and figures if she gets some on her skin, she’ll have even more proof her oil is working. She undresses then tells Alex to follow her out of the office to an inflatable mattress in another room. Isabelle lays down on the mattress and tells Alex to get to work — they need to make sure the gel is nice and slippery. Alex massages her, but hesitates when her hands get close to Isabelle’s butt. When she massages her ass, Alex wonders if she needs to be massaging her there. Isabelle reminds her that in order for them to be absolutely sure the oil is working properly, they have to put it on every part of the body — the butt is no exception. Alex agrees and continues with the massage. Isabelle doesn’t understand what the clients are complaining about since the gel is definitely doing its job!

All the slipping and sliding not only heats up the gel but the passion between the boss and her secretary. Isabelle soon takes over to do some sensual body sliding along Alex’s hot body, putting her product to the ultimate test. They do some extra quality control for how well the gel does during sex, which requires fingering, tribbing, and more. Isabelle won’t stop until she’s completely satisfied with the results since her pride’s on the line!