Lola Foxx & Jessie Rogers Brunette Porn

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Lola Foxx was excited to see Jessie Rogers take her up on the ”Full Body Special” at the Parlor. Jessie needed work on all parts of her body, so she stripped off her tight white shorts and jumped on the massage table completely nude. Jessie had a big smile on her face while Lola rubbed her feet then flipped over to have her brand new breasts massaged. Lola started at her chest then worked her way down to spread her legs open and brushed her hand across Jessie’s pussy. Lola straddled Jessie to give a better massage but she was so hot she had to take off her own clothes. Both girls were moaning and enjoying touching each other. Lola played with Jessie’s asshole until she had an orgasm. They kissed, tasting each others pussies, and parted ways after a relaxing massage.