Lola Milano & Whitney Westgate Oil Porn

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Poor Whitney Westgate just drove all the way from LA to New Jersey and she is finding that her back is suffering the consequence. Her boyfriend recommended she head to the massage parlor for her first ever massage. With a body like hers, it’s no wonder he sent her to an all girl massage parlor because she is so hot no other dude could be trusted to rub his hands all over her amazing body. But Lola Milano is just the chick to do the job. Watch as she oils up her soft hands and gets to work on Whitney’s back and shoulders. Lola can’t help but comment on Whitney’s amazingly fit body and you will see her start to edge herself up closer and closer to Whitney’s exposed pussy and ass. After a full on ass massage, Lola busts out her little vibrator to push the envelope even further. Whitney is totally receptive to the special attention and soon Lola shows Whit how good she can massage a pussy with her mouth!