Loni Evans & Lola Foxx 69 Porn

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Lola was very sore from a hard workout at the gym so she went in for a massage and met Loni her masseuse. Loni took her to the room, handed her towel and told her to take off her clothes and lay down on the table. Once Lola was comfortable Loni started rubbing her sore body and working out the kinks. As her hands glided over Lola’s body Loni slid a hand up Lola’s thigh and started rubbing her pussy. Loni was a little shocked by this, but Lola told her to just relax that this was a happy ending massage so it was normal. Lola agreed to let Loni do whatever she wanted so Loni spread her legs and licked her pussy until Lola came hard. Lola confessed that she wanted to eat Loni’s pussy so Loni got naked, got on top of her and the two sexy women got into a 69. They ate each other’s pussies with enthusiasm, chowing down like they were starving. Both women were so turned on it didn’t take long and they came together.

Actors: Lola Foxx / Loni Evans