Lucky Starr Happy Ending Video

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Baron drops by the Soapy Massage Parlor just to return some car keys to Lucky after he worked on her car. As he starts to leave she complains about her husband and how his white cock is too small for her and that he only lasts two seconds. Baron tells her he has to get back to work but she begs him to stay and satisfy her needs. He can’t say no so she quickly strips off her clothes, pulls out his big, black cock and starts sucking it. From there she leads him into the shower where she soaps up his body and plays close attention to his cock. They move from the shower to the Jacuzzi where Baron licks her toes and feet. She then uses her cute feet to stroke his cock. She lays him down on the mattress, moves on top of him and continues to rub his cock while he reaches up and teases her tight pussy. She knows that he loves her feet so she wraps her feet around his dick and strokes it until he comes undone and shoots his load all over her cute feet.

Actors: Lucky Starr