Maia Davis & Mischa Brooks Tattoos Porn

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Misha works a lot of hours at her job at the hospital so her legs are always sore and tired. She decided to get a massage and her masseuse Maia welcomed her, took her to the room and had her get undressed. As the massage started and the girls talked Misha told Maia that she is a sex therapist. Maia confessed that no matter how hard she tries she can’t get off when she is with her boyfriend. Misha has her sit down next to her and starts rubbing Maia’s boobs. She then licked her nipples while sliding a hand down and rubbing her pussy. Misha then lay back on the massage table, pulled Maia down on top of her and got into a 69 with her. She licked Maia’s pussy and made her feel something she had never felt before. Will Misha make her cum?