Maya Hill Blonde Porn

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Jon Jon is a pro fighter and he had hurt his back working out. Some of his friends suggested he try the Nuru Massage Parlor out so he made an appointment and was very happy to see just how sexy Maya, his masseuse, was when he arrived. She charged his card then took him to the room where she immediately started to strip. She then took his clothes off and led him into the shower. As she washed his body she stroked his cock and got him nice and hard. She then led him to the Jacuzzi tub when she let him relax in the hot water while she jacked him off. Once she had him fully relaxed she laid him down on the mattress and smothered both their bodies with the Nuru gel. She then slid up and down his body using her fantastic tits to massage him as she slid. She had him roll over onto his back, slid into a 69 so he could taste her amazing pussy then continued to suck his cock and lick his balls. Just as Jon Jon was ready to cum she opened up wide and let him erupt into her talented mouth.

Actors: Maya Hill