Riley Reyes & Judy Jolie & Scarlett Johnson Hd Video

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Nominated – Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene, AVN 2020

Three teenage girls, Riley Reyes, Scarlett Johnson, and Judy Jolie, are having a playful pillow fight in their underwear, giggling and enjoying themselves. It’s all fun and games between the girlfriends, although a truce is called once they’re worn out. As they settle, Riley suggests that they play a game of Truth Or Dare since that’s always a party classic.

The three friends warm each other up by giving each other simpler truths and dares centered around their crushes on boys. Judy admits to liking a guy named Alan while Scarlett is dared to actually send a text to her crush named Michael. Then Judy ups the ante by taking a topless picture of herself and posting it to her social media, thanks to a dare by Riley!

Given how sexy their truths and dares are getting, Riley and Scarlett are both surprised when Judy simply dares Riley to give her a massage. Since it’s a super easy dare, Riley sidles up behind her friend and starts massaging her shoulders and back. Judy melts into the touch, almost in a trance. Seeing how into it they are, Scarlett laments that she’s jealous — she’s the birthday girl, so where’s HER massage?

Riley and Judy playfully agree, teaming up to give Scarlett a sensual massage. Scarlett’s really into it, even as it turns more intimate. It feels so good to have her friends’ soft hands all over her body, especially her perky breasts. When Riley suggests giving her a happy ending as a special birthday gift, Scarlett doesn’t hesitate to spread her legs wide open, showing that her tight pussy is ready! Her friends then happily dive in, giving her the best birthday present ever.