Sarah Jessie & Marcus London Happy Ending Porn In ‘No Experience Needed’ Video

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Marcus London is one arrogant fuck. When he walks into Sarah Jessie’s new massage parlor, he isn’t expecting much. Surprisingly, it’s actually not half bad. When Sarah walks out to greet him, she’s flattered at the fact that he likes it. Sara informs him that she went to school for a year and worked really hard but Marcus isn’t impressed. He went to school for 9 years and doesn’t believe in her new age woo woo. But when Marcus mocks her studies in the healing arts, Sarah is determined to prove him wrong.

She’s learned an ancient practice called the Nuru massage, which originated in Japan. Marcus is curious but skeptical, so she offers to give him a massage to prove him wrong. He agrees since he has nothing to lose. When she asks him to undress, he’s surprised to find her taking off her clothes too. She leads him into the shower and starts lathering his body. When he apologizes for being hard she replies that she doesn’t mind at all; in fact, she kind of likes it.

To prove her point she starts jerking him off. Leaving the shower, she escorts him into the bath. Jerking him off, it isn’t before long his cock ends up in her mouth. She sucks on it for a while but stops before he cums to make sure he’s left wanting more. Leading him to the mat, she lies him down and oils him up. Massaging him, she slides up and down his body. Once she turns him over, it’s time to put that cock inside her. Fucking her from behind, he cums all over her. It looks like the secrets of the Orient will persevere after all!