Serena Blair & Olive Glass Lesbian Video

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Olive Glass is writing in her journal about her step-sister Serena Blair. She had hoped that by the time their parents got married, they’d be closer. As she pines for her step-sister, she realizes that the only way she’s gonna get what she wants is to do something about it. She sneaks into Serena’s massage parlor and lies down on the table. When Serena walks into the room, she has no idea who’s on her table. She starts running her hands up and down this stranger’s body. Olive turns around with a big smile on her face. Serena’s facial expression quickly turns from joy to horror. She can’t imagine why her step-sister would show up to her place of work with no clothes on. Olive tells her to relax; she just figured that she would surprise her and get a massage in the process. It should be a great bonding experience for both of them. Serena reluctantly agrees and starts massaging her. When she notices how tense Olive is, she asks her why she’s so stressed. Olive confesses that she’s been doing a lot of thinking lately since their parents got married and there’s been so many changes. As Olive compliments her massage technique, Serena is still visibly uncomfortable. Olive then asks her to work on her legs and she moves closer to her ass. Olive starts moaning uncontrollably and then she stops and asks her to turn around and lie on her back. When she starts massaging the inside of her legs, Olive starts moaning again. Serena stops and Olive tells her that maybe they should fool around. Serena asks her why she would ever expect that to happen. Well, Olive knows her step-sister is a lesbian and wants to experience that intimacy with her. Serena tries to protest but the more reasons Olive comes up with, the more this is looking like a good idea. As long as the secret stays between them, Serena decides that there’s no harm in showing her step-sister the ropes.

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