Jennifer White & Mandy Armani Blonde Video

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Casi arrives for her massage and is looking forward to getting the tension in her lower back and shoulders relieved. She meets her masseuse Jennifer who is shocked to see how much Casi resembles her ex-girlfriend Kailey. As the massage gets going Jennifer gets more and more turned on my Casi’s body so without Casi noticing Jennifer slips out of her panties and is doing the massage fully nude. She has Casie roll over then starts rubbing her tits. Casi acts like she is a little shocked, but deep down she is really enjoying it. Jennifer gets on top of Casi and asks if she can eat her pussy. As she drags her tongue down Casi’s body she calls her Kailey. It feels so good Casi doesn’t care what name she calls her by. The girls slip into a hot 69 as Casi begins licking Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer is so turned on that she cums hard as she spreads Casi’s legs so she can rub her clit and eat her out.