The Sales Rep with Trinity St. Clair

Trinity St. Clair had a special visit in today’s Nuru massage video. The sexy spa owner received a visit from Romeo Price, the sells man, trying to sell her a new product. Trinity insisted on trying it on him before buying it. Romeo didn’t really like the idea, but if he convinced her, she was going to buy a lot of units. Trinity starts explaining the massage rules, from the shower, tub to the mattress. It was so weird that he didn’t hear about these massages, knowing that he sells the gel that is used during these massages. Romeo got more and more interested in what she was explaing and now he couldn’t wait to get to the mattress faster.

Trinity took her time and showed Romeo’s a really good time in the massage room.She took off her robe and escorted Romeo to the shower. Trinity took him to the shower to get him all cleaned up for his first Nuru experience. She is ready to show him what all the hype is about. She uses her body to massage him and slowly started sliding her body over him. Romeo’s hard dick it was on its way to her juicy pussy, sloshing in and out until he cums. This is what we call a good sell, but did he convince Trinity to buy his product? Find out below!