The Bet with Abbey Cross

Nothing is better than a friendly bet to get things started. This is what happened in this Nuru massage video. Abbey Cross and Jake Jace were watching the game together and to make things more interesting they placed a bet. They were rooting for opposite teams so it was pretty simple if Jake’s team won Abbey had to give him a massage. Jake was lucky that day because his team actually won and he was pretty stoked that Abbey’s team lost and he was getting a massage. It wasn’t a fair bet and Jake knew that, but he wasn’t going to miss a massage.

Abbey was a good sport and held her part of the bet and took him to the massage room. After they both got stark naked, she poured the Nuru gel on his back and started rubbing it all over this skin. Abbey rubbed some gel on herself too, making her totally wet and lubricated. Abbey started jerking off his lubed up cock and continued with sliding up and down on his body, massaging his entire body with her tits and wet pussy. Abbey pampered Jake’s dick as she was fucking him with her tight pussy, She was a real sport in this one and besides respecting her part of the bet she did a hell of a job massaging Jake and his big dick. Click here to see her in action and we’ll see you next with more!