Stevie Shae Kissing Video

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Nick is a cowboy who hurt his back in a rodeo. He decides to get a massage to see if it would help with the pain. As he arrives for his appointment he meets the beautiful Stevie. She takes him to the room and he explains his back pain to her. She was very confident she could help him out. She takes his clothes off, strips herself naked and takes him to the shower. As she rubs his body down she can’t help but start sucking his cock. Nick lets her do as she pleases. She gives him some great head then takes him to the mattress. He restevieds her about his back, but she is so turned on by his fit body she can’t stop touching him and rubbing her body up against his. She rolls him over onto his back and starts kissing him while he slides a finger into her wet pussy. She suddenly remembers the he is the client so she pulls away, slides between his legs and deepthroats his cock. It feels so amazing Nick cums as she sucks and strokes him. Maybe next time he can get that back treatment.

Actors: Stevie Shae