Tiffany Tyler & Risi Simms Skinny Porn

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After a nice long hike in the desert Risi showed up for her massage appointment hoping her masseuse could help work out some of the soreness in her body from the hike. Her hot masseuse Tiffany gives her a towel and asks her to undress then she goes to work rubbing Risi down. As the massage continues Tiffany asks about Risi’s trip and Risi tells her that she likes spending time alone with girls. Tiffany takes that as an invitation and starts massaging Risi’s nipples and tits. Risi kisses Tiffany and starts undressing her. Tiffany is so turned on once she is nude she starts licking Risi’s pussy then she slides her fingers in and finger-fucks her. Risi cums hard all over Tiffany’s fingers then switches spots with her so she can taste Tiffany’s pussy. The girls roll into a 69, licking pussy and feeling each other’s tits until they both cum together. Risi’s soreness is long gone!