Aiden Ashley & Victoria Voxxx & Nathan Bronson Ass Happy Ending Video

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It’s lust at first sight for two masseuse colleagues, Victoria Voxxx and Aiden Ashley, when they lay their eyes on an attractive male client, Nathan Bronson. After vying to see who is the lucky one who gets to massage him, Aiden wins out and takes him aside into a private room to begin the massage. It’s not long before she eagerly strips down and oils them up so that she can begin body sliding.

But Victoria is determined NOT to let Aiden claim her prize too easily, and sets about making excuses to get Aiden out of the room so that SHE can massage Nathan. As soon as Aiden is out the door, Victoria also strips down and takes over the massage, rubbing her naked body all over Nathan’s.

Pretty soon, BOTH mischievous masseuses are in and out of the room as they make phony excuses to get some time with the client. But when they finally realize that they’re both trying to fool the other, they decide that rather than waste their energy competing, they might as well just SHARE Nathan!