Lesbian Impulse with Charlotte & Gia

Hot Nuru masseuse Charlotte had a first in today’s update. The hot masseuse is going to massage her first women and it went way better than she expected. As she was home, enjoying her day off she received a call from her boss, that let her know that she had a client on her way to her place. Everyone was booked at the massage parlor so she had to take of it. Right when she ended the call her client was already at the doorstep. Gia was invited into her house and she listened carefully as Charlotte explained to her how intimate the massage is going to be and that she only massaged guys

Actually Gia was the one that was more comfortable about the nuru massage porn session then the actual masseuse. It’s not that Charlotte didn’t know how to massage, but she only pleased guys until this point. Gia made it was easier for her as she told her everything she likes during their shower. Once they got to the mattress Charlotte was back on charge on the situation and knew how to please her client as she started massaging her tense body using the Nuru gel. She offered to show her another way of massaging as she lowers her head and starts licking out her pussy. Click below to see it all!