Stepsister Massage with Ariana Marie

Codey Steele agreed to supervise his little sister to this pool party. But when Ariana Marie really started to have fun, he had to bail because of a sunburn. She really wanted to stay at the party, so she insisted on trying to heal it using her mom’s Nuru gel. But once she started rubbing his shoulders in the bath, her tiny bikini top got tangled and soon her tits popped out. He knew that it was inappropriate to stare at his step sister’s private parts, but he couldn’t stop staring and really enjoyed what he saw. His little step sister has some really nice tits and it wasn’t too hard for him to start thinking about all kind of things even though she is his sister.

Ariana insisted that they go to the party now that he feels better, but until they left Ariana had a few things to take care of. Codey’s swim shorts were pretty tight for his burgeoning cock so she took them off, she was naked so he had to take them off too. Ariana moved him to the massage mat where she took his swollen dick in her mouth right before Ariana fucks him with her pussy. Codey turned her around and begins pumping her slippery pussy. He made her orgasm, then dumps his load, shooting jizz all over her tight ass. Enjoy!