My Family’s Secret: Part One with Jayden Cole and Alison Rey

Jayden Cole and Alison Rey have a really special nuru video for you guys, so don’t miss them out massaging their amazing bodies. Jayden was worried about her stepdaughter, Alison, because the other day while she was snooping around her room she overheard her speaking to one of her friends and they had the weirdest conversation. The moment Alison left the house she went upstairs to check out her room. On a first look everything was ok but Jayden took a closer look, way closer that her stepdaughter wanted and she found a massage mattress and all kind of massage oils.

The moment her stepdaughter returned home, she faced her and threatened her with telling her dad. Alison explained to her her situation and finally convinced her mom to leave her alone, she even offered her a free massage. With all that oil Alison’s hand got really slippery so without wanting she was offering a bit more than a massage. Jayden was impressed with her massage skills so she thought to teach the teen something new. Check out the video below to find out what happened between these two. Enjoy it!