Promo Rub With Ebony Masseuse Skyler Nicole

Ebony masseuse Skyler Nicole is back with another hot Nuru massage video. Today Tyler Knight came for the first time to the spa with a coupon for a free massage. Skylar was the first he saw around there so he went to her and she happily accepted to offer him the promo rub. The entire experience surprised Tyler because this was his first he didn’t know how to things work around here. Skylar took him to the room, where she started undressing him and while she took off her robe and showed off her curves she saw him drooling over her.

Tyler was taken to the shower by the ebony beauty and the nuru experience was slowly starting. She took really good care of him, as she was cleaning him and make sure that he is pleased. Happy Tyler, a Tyler that is erect and aroused was now being taken to the mattress. When he thought things couldn’t get hotter than that she started sliding up and down on his body covered with Nuru gel. He was getting massaged by her tits and her pussy, but Skyler had to stop. She let him know that this was all the coupon offered him and that if he wants to continue he will have to pay for it. Tyler would’ve paid anything she asked, just to continue and to pound the sexy masseuse. Click here to see them in action!