Remember, Nothing Sexual with Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston just had her first nuru massage in this episode. She was working in advertising and she got one of the biggest contracts, and that was to promote the nuru spa. Seth Gamble met with her to talk about the business, but Chanel never heard about these massages so it was pretty hard for her to answer to it all. Seth figured it out immediately, but he liked her so he gave her another chance. He insisted that Chanel had to try out a massage and he insisted that he was going to be the one that offers it to her. She wanted to book something for the next day but she couldn’t afford to upset him to she went in the massage room.

Chanel was so tense, especially when he took off her robe and then took her to the bathtub. She felt so weird when she was sitting between his legs and he was massaging her tits. Once they moved to the mattress and he starts rubbing her it was pretty hard for him to hide his boner. Before things went further Chanel made sure that she would get the contract if things end up where she thinks they will. Seth assures her that the contract was hers and she starts sucking his dick as promised. Then she climbs on top of him and shoves his dick deep in her pussy. Click below to see her in action!