Neighbor’s Snobby Wife with Courtney Taylor

Courtney Taylor is really pissed off because of her nerdy next door neighbor, Tyler Nixon. She just can’t get rid of him. The other day she found him swimming in her pool, now he’s here at the spa demanding a massage from her. She couldn’t really ignore him because she knows that he is going to tell everyone that she works there. And the bigger problem would be that her husband would find out as well. Courtney agreed to the Nuru massage, but she’s not doing such a good job hiding her impatience around him. He never liked the guy and now she had to massage him, so she had a real challenge on her hands.

Courtney did her best to be nicer to him, but Tyler kept pushing the limits as he started grabbing her big tits. Courtney got sick of him and told him that the massage was off. Well, Tyler didn’t really like that idea, he was a customer, he paid so he should get a massage. She couldn’t afford a scandal with one of her clients so she continued with the massage. The gorgeous blonde rewarded him with a treat and let him fuck her pussy until he blows his load. Tyler got his and you can see them in action in the video below.