Landlord Have Mercy with Lyra Law

Lyra Law was strugguling to pay her rent this month, so she thought to exchange some services for her rent. When her landlord Cody Steele came to collect the money, Lyra told him about her offer. He was interested but he couldn’t go to his dad empty handed. He was about to say no to her but once he saw her sweet face he accepted. Cody knew that she was a masseuse and everyone talked highly about her massaging skills so he knew this was going to be great. She invited him to the massage parlor and once they entered the room the magic started.

The sexy blonde masseuse took really good care of him and did her best to please him in every way she could. She started it the right way showing off her amazing body, but Cody wasn’t too happy about the bath he received so she had to step it up a bit. Once they got to the massage mat she rubbed a lot of nuru gel one him and massaged his tense muscles, gliding over him seductively, while he was busy groping her pussy. She turned him over as she added more gel. Lyra sits her wet pussy on his hard dick and bangs him. Then she continued with slinking his body and sucking his dick and balls. Cody bangs her deeply sideways till he jizzed all over her hairy pussy. Will this cover her debt? Click below to find out!