My Muscle Spasms

Tommy Gunn is back for another massage, but after reading his form Hope Harper, his masseuse, was a bit worried. He wrote that he was struggling with some back problems. Hope insisted that he sees a specialist and promised him that she was going to be extremely careful with him. The hot masseuse took off her clothes offering Tommy a good display of her amazing forms. Hope continued with undressing her client and leads the way to the shower. She applied soap all over his body and starts handling his erection. Hope even let him touch her even thought she was the only one that was in charge with all the touching. Once they got to the tub and exchanged a few kisses, she starts jerking off his hard dick and kisses it up and down before sucking it.


Once they got to the mattress Tommy couldn’t wait to get bang the hot masseuse, but she took her time. Hope applied some Nuru gel and started gliding on him tense muscles helping him relax. After she finished with his back, Hope turned him around and Tommy could finally bang the sexy masseuse. She went wild riding his giant dick, as he starts fucking her deeply. When Tommy started sucking her perky boobs he lost it and made a cum mess all over her tattoos. Enjoy the entire video below!

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Spring Break Blow-Off

Codey Steele had a really hard time this spring break. While most of his colleagues were busy partying he was extremely stressed about his exams and his workload was giving him a hard time. While he was talking with one of his friends trying to dodge their plans, his friend suggested a relaxing massage and recommended him the perfect place to try out. Codey took his advice by word and later that day when he got there he understood his friend’s advice. He was welcomed by the sexy blonde masseuse Arya Fae. Arya is one of the hottest masseuse there so he is in really good hands and the gorgeous teen is going to show him a really good time.

She was wearing a sexy satin blue robe as she took him to the massage room. Codey explained his problems to her and she completely understood because she was a student as well. She took him to the massage mat where all the magic happens. Arya Fae started rubbing his back using the Nuru gel. After sliding on his back and massaging it using her tits she turns him over and started swallowing his dick with her pussy. Codey takes her from behind and bangs her until she cums. Then he dumps her loads all over her muff. Enjoy it!

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  • Updated March 30, 2017
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Soapy Massage

Damon Dice is here for his massage, a massage was really excited about. Besides the sexy masseuse, he gets away from his nagging wife. He’s been saving up for a while now to get a full head-to-toe nuru experience. But things didn’t work like he expected. Haley, the cute blonde masseuse, told him that they had to move his massage for next week because they were waiting for some supplies. Haley offered him instead of an alternative, a soapy massage. These massages were tried on a few guys and they all were pleased with the end of their session.

Haley explained Damon that it wasn’t too different from the usual Nuru massage and he accepted her alternative option. Once they were both naked Haley took him to the bathtub where she gently started wanking off his dick and continued to the massage room where she soaped herself and started sliding on his tense body. Once she turned him on his back, she began sucking off his dick and then popped his dick deep inside her pussy. Haley started riding it and cums quickly. Damon had a great time and you can check it out below. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more hot massage session with some of the hottest masseuses in the business.


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  • Updated March 28, 2017
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Lesbian Impulse

Hot Nuru masseuse Charlotte had a first in today’s update. The hot masseuse is going to massage her first women and it went way better than she expected. As she was home, enjoying her day off she received a call from her boss, that let her know that she had a client on her way to her place. Everyone was booked at the massage parlor so she had to take of it. Right when she ended the call her client was already at the doorstep. Gia was invited into her house and she listened carefully as Charlotte explained to her how intimate the massage is going to be and that she only massaged guys.

Actually Gia was the one that was more comfortable about the massage then the actual masseuse. It’s not that Charlotte didn’t know how to massage, but she only pleased guys until this point. Gia made it was easier for her as she told her everything she likes during their shower. Once they got to the mattress Charlotte was back on charge on the situation and knew how to please her client as she started massaging her tense body using the Nuru gel. She offered to show her another way of massaging as she lowers her head and starts licking out her pussy. Click below to see it all!

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  • Updated March 16, 2017
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Executive Release

Seth Gamble really needed to unwind so he came to the parlor to get a Nuru massage. He lied to his wife when he was in the spa and lied about working late that night. Gina Valentina waited for him to finish his call and then invited him in the pampering room. The fresh-faced masseuse promises him an exotic massage with a different type of lotions. Gina starts took off her robe, revealing her red bra and sexy panties. Seth let her take off his clothes and then was escorted to the tub, for the clean up before the massage. Seeing her round ass he just can’t resist the urge to touch it. Gina got used to this type of actions from her clients.

The misbehaving husband suggested rewriting the rules as he was sitting on the tub with his dick in front of Gina. She sucks him until he nearly gets off. The sexy masseuse took her client to the mat where after rubbing against him all covered up in Nuru gel really turns her on. She flipped him over and started jerking his dick while sucking his balls. Then she pops his hard dick inside her pussy and starts riding him. She offered Seth a juicy view he won’t forget too soon. You can see her in action in the video below and we’ll see you next time with more!


  • Updated March 14, 2017
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Promo Rub

Ebony masseuse Skyler Nicole is back with another hot Nuru massage video. Today Tyler Knight came for the first time to the spa with a coupon for a free massage. Skylar was the first he saw around there so he went to her and she happily accepted to offer him the promo rub. The entire experience surprised Tyler because this was his first he didn’t know how to things work around here. Skylar took him to the room, where she started undressing him and while she took off her robe and showed off her curves she saw him drooling over her.

Tyler was taken to the shower by the ebony beauty and the nuru experience was slowly starting. She took really good care of him, as she was cleaning him and make sure that he is pleased. Happy Tyler, a Tyler that is erect and aroused was now being taken to the mattress. When he thought things couldn’t get hotter than that she started sliding up and down on his body covered with Nuru gel. He was getting massaged by her tits and her pussy, but Skyler had to stop. She let him know that this was all the coupon offered him and that if he wants to continue he will have to pay for it. Tyler would’ve paid anything she asked, just to continue and to pound the sexy masseuse. Click here to see them in action!

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  • Updated March 6, 2017
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O’ Brother Grow Up

Jojo Kiss shared her secret with her step-brother in this latest video. She started working at a massage parlor a few weeks ago to earn some extra money. But she knew that eventually someone will found out about it and tell the entire school, and she was right. One of the guys saw her around the parlor and made sure that everyone knew about it, including her big step-brother, Tyler Nixon. He couldn’t believe it and he knew that he had to ask his little sister about this.  Everyone knew what really happens in these massage parlor and he couldn’t see his little sister doing it.

So when he got home, he went straight to her room and enter it without even knocking. Jojo was there in her sexy lingerie fixing out her bed. She could tell that Tyler found out about it after the way he was looking at her. She tried to downplay the situation but it didn’t go her way. He threatened her with telling their parents and that really scared Jojo. She knew that she had to convince him not to do it and she did it the best way she could. Somehow she convinced Tyler to try out one of her massages and the poor guy just couldn’t resist her charms. Jojo had him exactly where she wanted him and that was banging her sopping pussy. Although Tyler wasn’t a big fan of the idea he sure seems to enjoy it now. Click here to see these two in action!

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  • Updated March 2, 2017
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Not My Type

We are back with another hot Nuru massage session. Today’s client is Kurt Lockwood and he’s a really picky guy. He’s one of the oldest clients so he has his girls he usually goes to. Well, today wasn’t his day because all of them were busy and the only free one is Karter Foxx. He didn’t seem to happy about her but he really needed a massage so he agreed to give her a try. He was upfront with her since the first time he put a step in the massage room and she knew that she had to work really hard to please him.

Karter didn’t impress him when she took off her white robe and showed off her amazing body. She took him in the shower to get him all cleaned up for the massage and while she was there she thought to warm him up and gave him a blowjob, but that wasn’t enough for Kurt. Once they got to the mattress Karter rubbed oil all over her body and started gliding up and down on top of Kurt. Well that was what he needed because after that he ended up begging for her pussy. After he fucks her deep and spits his load over her pussy it was clear, from now on Karter was going to be his girl. Click here to see her showing off her massaging skills on the nuru mattress. Enjoy it!

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  • Updated February 27, 2017
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I Got Laid Off

Bailey Brooke is the latest hottie to join the erotic massage girls. She just got fired from her job this week, so she got hired here. It was the sexy blonde masseuse’s first day at the job when she saw her boss on the lobby waiting in line for a massage. Once Marcus saw her, he insisted that he get the massaged from his former employee. He knew her boss so it was easy to get in the same room with Bailey and he also threatened her with a report in case he’s not satisfied by the end of their massaging session, so Bailey made sure he would get a massage he won’t forget too soon.

Marcus enjoyed seeing her undress and getting a good long look at her naked body as they were heading to the shower. Bailey there found out that he always wanted to bang her and everything made sense now. When they got the mat Bailey with a handful of nuru gel started massaging his tense muscles. Marcus didn’t really enjoy the cold gel and Bailey seeing that, wanted to make it up to him with an amazing blowjob, sucking his balls and jerking off his dick. He switched it up and starts fucking her sideways while Bailey was rubbing her clit. Click to find out what happened next!

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  • Updated February 20, 2017
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Get Me Off

Katrina Jade, the sexy nuru masseuse, returned with another steamy update for you guys. Today she’s joined by sexy Jenna Sativa, that is about the experience her first lesbian massage. Katrina tried helping her out with her nerves, so while she was undressing her for the shower she begun kissing her and her big tits.

Katrina took off her sexy black lingerie and lead Jenna into the shower. Jenna completely loosens up and the girls started kissing each other while Katrine took care of cleaning Jenna’s private parts. Once they moved to the mattress Katrina couldn’t wait to finished what she started and with a handful of nuru gel, she began spreading it all over her body. The hot masseuse couldn’t resist her so she went down, between her legs and started licking her hairy pussy. You can everything that went down between these two hotties in the video below and don’t forget to get back for more steamy nurumassage updates!


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  • Updated February 17, 2017
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