Santa Came Early

Nuru Massage is back with another steamy video. This time we have Gina Valentina and Logan Long and their special Christmas morning! Santa came early this year for Gina Valentina. She was in bed with her boyfriend Logan Long, it was Christmas morning, so she rushed into the living room to see what Santa brought her. Logan is right behind her to see her reaction when she sees her present. Gina always wanted a massage mattress and Santa really paid attention to her needs because that’s exactly what she got. Gina kept on telling Logan how much she loves massaging at work and that she would really love to have a mattress at home too, to give him as many massages he wants.

She was so excited about it that she had to try it out right there. Gina took off her pajamas, her bra, and her panties, showing off her amazing curves, those big tits and fine ass and covered herself with the Nuru gel. Then she begins to slide her body up on down on Logan’s tense body. Logan couldn’t believe how good she looks with his hard dick in her mouth. Slowly and steady, Gina takes all his big cock in her wet pussy. Logan flips her over pummels her from on top, cumming hard inside her, spilling his love juice. This truly was a happy morning, just like the Christmas morning should be. Stay tuned for more nurumassage updates. Click below to see them in action!


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  • Updated February 22, 2017
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The Anniversary Treat

In this Nuru massage video, we have another sexy masseuse Vanessa Veracruz showcasing her massage techniques. Peyton Coast asked her good friend for some ideas to make her anniversary special. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend and her friend, Vanessa, told her to try a Nuru massage. Every guy loves getting massages and everyone knows that Vanessa is the best teacher you can find. Peyton didn’t feel too comfortable knowing that her friend was going to massage her boyfriend and Vanessa figured that out too, so she offered to teach her how to give Nuru massages.

Vanessa took her to the mattress and with a handful of Nuru gel, she started explaining her friend everything she needed to do to please her man. Peyton takes off her top and her bra and then her sexy panties. The masseuse rubbed her oil all over her body and started sliding up and down erotically. Peyton started moaning immediately from the friction, as the girls are full of heat. Vanessa turned Peyton over and started kissing her while sliding over her pussy. Peyton spread her legs wide open and using her tongue Vanessa makes her cum. As you can see the girls did a great job and the teaching went way further than either of them expected it. Peyton is sure going to offer her man an amazing anniversary treat. Hope you guys enjoyed and until next time make sure to check out some of the older updates too. Click here to see them in action!


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  • Updated February 23, 2017
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Remember, Nothing Sexual

Chanel Preston just had her first nuru massage in this episode. She was working in advertising and she got one of the biggest contracts, and that was to promote the nuru spa. Seth Gamble met with her to talk about the business, but Chanel never heard about these massages so it was pretty hard for her to answer to it all. Seth figured it out immediately, but he liked her so he gave her another chance. He insisted that Chanel had to try out a massage and he insisted that he was going to be the one that offers it to her. She wanted to book something for the next day but she couldn’t afford to upset him to she went in the massage room.

Chanel was so tense, especially when he took off her robe and then took her to the bathtub. She felt so weird when she was sitting between his legs and he was massaging her tits. Once they moved to the mattress and he starts rubbing her it was pretty hard for him to hide his boner. Before things went further Chanel made sure that she would get the contract if things end up where she thinks they will. Seth assures her that the contract was hers and she starts sucking his dick as promised. Then she climbs on top of him and shoves his dick deep in her pussy. Click below to see her in action!

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  • Updated February 27, 2017
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My Crush

Nuru massage brought us another great one. Kurt Lockwood was bored and calling his friends didn’t help that because all of them were busy. While he was looking online for some ideas he saw this ad for a massage parlor, but something else caught his eye. He saw one of his fellow porn stars Riley Reid in the ad. Kurt always had a crush on her and now he can finally get somewhere with her. He went to the parlor and asked specifically for her. Riley is a really cool person and didn’t mind the interaction with a fan.

Kurt confesses to her that he always wanted to work with her as she was taking off his clothes. Once they got in the shower and Riley started cleaning him down she admitted that she wanted to work with him too. There was a mutual affection and that led to an intense sexual chemistry. When they got in the bath, they talking and joking just like two old friends. Riley does an amazing job while she sucks him good and hard and then she bent forward to take it. Kurt penetrates her pussy and bangs her in the bath. Riley takes him to the mattress and after rubbing oil all over her body she slides up and down on top of him. Riley continued sliding and that helped to suction his thick dick into her pussy. Kurt is a pro and knew exactly what to do to impress her. Click here and enjoy it!

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  • Updated February 28, 2017
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Inspector Grab-It

Maya Divine tried helping out her daughter in this nuru massage video. Maya’s daughter Keisha had some car troubles and she couldn’t make her appointments that afternoon, so she decided to take care of her clients too. Maya tried explaining to Seth Gamble and to T. Stone what happened, but the guys were so upset and started criticizing all the mess. Maya does her best trying to save her daughter’s business, but the guys were really stubborn. Luckily Maya knew just what she had to do to please both of them and she completely blew both of their minds.

She invites the guys in the room and invites them for a warm bath. Neither of them can resist Maya’s big bare tits. As soon as her nipples poke out of her fishnet body stocking, the guys’ dicks were hard. Maya started sucking them off and stroking them while in the bath. It was time for the mattress now. With a handful of Nuru gel, she makes herself wet and one at a time she starts full body contact. Offering the guys a full body massage using her big natural tits and her wet pussy. Seth doesn’t really like waiting so Maya had please both dicks on demand, working doubly hard. The busty experience masseuse did a great job and helped her daughter and her clients seemed pleased with the services they received from the busty blonde masseuse Maya Divine.

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  • Updated March 2, 2017
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The Bet

Nothing is better than a friendly bet to get things started. This is what happened in this Nuru massage video. Abbey Cross and Jake Jace were watching the game together and to make things more interesting they placed a bet. They were rooting for opposite teams so it was pretty simple if Jake’s team won Abbey had to give him a massage. Jake was lucky that day because his team actually won and he was pretty stoked that Abbey’s team lost and he was getting a massage. It wasn’t a fair bet and Jake knew that, but he wasn’t going to miss a massage.

Abbey was a good sport and held her part of the bet and took him to the massage room. After they both got stark naked, she poured the Nuru gel on his back and started rubbing it all over this skin. Abbey rubbed some gel on herself too, making her totally wet and lubricated. Abbey started jerking off his lubed up cock and continued with sliding up and down on his body, massaging his entire body with her tits and wet pussy. Abbey pampered Jake’s dick as she was fucking him with her tight pussy, She was a real sport in this one and besides respecting her part of the bet she did a hell of a job massaging Jake and his big dick. Click here to see her in action and we’ll see you next with more!

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  • Updated March 6, 2017
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Performance Review

Karter Foxx got a lot of complaints while offering Nuru massages and her boss found out about it. The customers started complaining and were asking for a refund, so Sophia Grace, her boss had to attend one of her massage session to evaluate her work. As soon as she started working with her next client, Damon Dice, Sophia found a bunch of mistakes in Karter’s work. Sophia had to take over, so she took off her shoes and her panties and started explaining to her how to properly do a massage.

She explained to her that she had to offer a full body massage, which includes a nude massage, using the Nuru gel as a lube. Karter was paying attention to Sophia as she turned Damon on his back and started sliding on him until his cock got stiff. Sophia groans with pleasure when she stuffs his dick into her lubes up pussy. Karter understood and now she wanted to try it out too, so while he was fucking Sophia she sat on Damon’s face so he can lick his pussy. The masseuse continued satisfying their client, sucking and riding Damon’s big dick. Karter Foxx received a really good lesson and from now on she will do it better. See them in action in the scene below and don’t forget to get back for more updates next time. Enjoy it!


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  • Updated March 7, 2017
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Hot For Teacher

Elena Koshka got a really special nuru massage from one of her former teachers. Elena has been upset for the entire week so her father prepaid a massage for her, he was concerned and tried to get her out of her funk. When Elena got to the spa she found out that she was being massaged by her teacher’s assistant, Hope Howell. Hope is really happy to see Elena but she asked her to keep it on the down-low because she didn’t want anyone from the school to found out about it.

She explained what the massage included, both of them are going to be naked and engaged in body to body action. This was Elena’s first time, but she trusted Hope. The girls started in a soothing bath where Hope massaged and washing her body, fondling her natural tits. Elena was taken to the mattress where Hope applied the nuru gel on herself then started gliding up and down on the sexy student. Elena felt Hope’s pussy and it’s arousing her. Hope turned Elena and she starts kissing and licking her pussy. Hope sucks on her clit and also jabs her pussy with her tongue. Elena got really hot for her teacher and you can see her in action in the video below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time with more updates!


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  • Updated March 8, 2017
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Private Nuru

Hey there and welcome to another amazing massaging session! We have a teen masseuse, Bobbi Dylan, in this latest Nuru massage video. The sexy teen masseuse seductively prepares for a private massage with one of her favorite clients Ryan McLane.  She starts with a sexy striptease on the covered mattress. Bobbi teased him with her amazing curves while he was on the couch. Bobbi rubs the Nuru gel all over her amazing body and displays her private parts. Ryan was enjoying the show from the sofa until he gets so aroused that he came closer.

Ryan took off his black trousers and took his hard dick to the naked pussy on the mattress. The teen masseuse got closer and oiled him up with the gel and delighted him with a flash of her naked ass. The beautiful teen gets his knob wet with her saliva and blows it nice and hard. Bobbi gets on top and fucks him, leaning back while having her legs spread wide open, riding his cock and moaning. Ryan flips the teen masseuse over and fucks her hard and deep, building a big cum load and spilling into her pussy. The Nuru masseuse did it again with another great update and you can see it in the video below. See you guys next time with more steamy updates, so stay tuned for more sexy masseuse getting fucked on the massage mattress.



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  • Updated March 9, 2017
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The Sales Rep

Trinity St. Clair had a special visit in today’s Nuru massage video. The sexy spa owner received a visit from Romeo Price, the sells man, trying to sell her a new product. Trinity insisted on trying it on him before buying it. Romeo didn’t really like the idea, but if he convinced her, she was going to buy a lot of units. Trinity starts explaining the massage rules, from the shower, tub to the mattress. It was so weird that he didn’t hear about these massages, knowing that he sells the gel that is used during these massages. Romeo got more and more interested in what she was explaing and now he couldn’t wait to get to the mattress faster.

Trinity took her time and showed Romeo’s a really good time in the massage room.She took off her robe and escorted Romeo to the shower. Trinity took him to the shower to get him all cleaned up for his first Nuru experience. She is ready to show him what all the hype is about. She uses her body to massage him and slowly started sliding her body over him. Romeo’s hard dick it was on its way to her juicy pussy, sloshing in and out until he cums. This is what we call a good sell, but did he convince Trinity to buy his product? Find out below!

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  • Updated March 13, 2017
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