Steps Into Heaven

Brad Knight has a little thing for his stepmom Lauren Phillips. While he was looking at her dipping in the pool he was starring at her. When she decided to return to the house, Brad ducked behind the curtain, trying to hide his boner. Lauren was worrying that he was coming with something so she offered to give him a massage maybe he will feel better afterward. But the next day when he got to the spa she insisted on getting the massage from someone else. She knew some really good girls around the spa that could’ve help him out but he didn’t want to hear about them.

Lauren offers full body massages and it would’ve been really inappropriate to do that with her step son. Brad insists so she finally agreed to it. She took him to the massage parlor and got him ready for all the action. Lauren starts the massage session by cleaning his hard dick with spit. Brad starts sucking his mommy’s titties then sticks his hard cock between them and bangs her cleavage. Lauren had to compare them and he is a lot better than his daddy. On the massage mat she begins sliding all over him with her slippery body and in the end, she even lets him fuck her pussy till Brad pops. You can see them in action in the video below and don’t forget to get back for more updates!


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Oops I Spilled

Marcus London was helping with hot girlfriend Zoey Monroe to set everything up for her next massage when he accidentally spilled some Nuru gel on his black t-shirt. Zoey insisted that he washes it fast before the stain sets and offers him a massage to show him how sorry she is that he had to ruin his t-shirt. He accepts her generous offer. Marcus pulled a clean one out his bag and return to the room ready to fuck his sexy girlfriend. She saw straight through his little scheme but she agrees to pay up for it.

Marcus got the entire package, he got taken to the shower where she cleaned him up and offered him a little preview of their massage as she started rubbing off his dick under the hot water. Then the bathtub was next, where sexy Zoey took really good care of her boyfriend as she offered him the best handjob of his life. But Marcus was waiting to get to the mattress, he was really eager to have anal sex with Zoey, but it wasn’t on the menu. Instead, Zoey offered him an amazing massage, sliding up and down on his tense body. After another handjob, he got to bang her pussy and it felt so fucking good. See them in action in the scene below and don’t forget to get back for more updates!



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Neighbor’s Snobby Wife

Courtney Taylor is really pissed off because of her nerdy next door neighbor, Tyler Nixon. She just can’t get rid of him. The other day she found him swimming in her pool, now he’s here at the spa demanding a massage from her. She couldn’t really ignore him because she knows that he is going to tell everyone that she works there. And the bigger problem would be that her husband would find out as well. Courtney agreed to the Nuru massage, but she’s not doing such a good job hiding her impatience around him. He never liked the guy and now she had to massage him, so she had a real challenge on her hands.

Courtney did her best to be nicer to him, but Tyler kept pushing the limits as he started grabbing her big tits. Courtney got sick of him and told him that the massage was off. Well, Tyler didn’t really like that idea, he was a customer, he paid so he should get a massage. She couldn’t afford a scandal with one of her clients so she continued with the massage. The gorgeous blonde rewarded him with a treat and let him fuck her pussy until he blows his load. Tyler got his and you can see them in action in the video below.


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Lessons From Mommy

Sexy teen Uma Jolie is pretty upset that her new step mom, Savana, never offered to teach her how to give a Nuru massage. Savana Styles has been working in the massage business but never got to teach her step daughter how to give a massage like she did with her other daughter, so she fixed that. The hot French MILF agreed to teach her and take her under her wing. She helped the teen get out of her bra and panties while she was undressing as well. Uma was lying on her chest on the bed when Savana drizzled the Nuru gel all over her back.

The hot MILF started dragging her big tits slowly from her feet all the way up to her back maintaining a heavy pressure. She told the teen that this is perfectly normal and that’s how a massage should go. Savana still can’t believe that she’s going this with her daughter, but now was her turn to try it out. The hot teen loves the slippery sensation as she slides up and down on her step mother’s back. Savana told her that she has to learn how to lick pussies and she should know that pretty well. Uma had to pick, she was going to be a good daughter and listen to her mom or a bad daughter. She chooses to be a good daughter and to please her mom, obediently licking her mom’s pussy. Check it out below!

Check out this hot MILF massaging her step daughter!

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Shower Sex

T. Stone went to get another Nuru massage at the spa, this is his second time here. He met his breathtaking masseuse Carmen Callaway for his massage session, but he wanted something more. T. Stone wanted something different so he tried his luck and asked for another masseuse. He didn’t know if the girls do that, sharing a client but he didn’t have anything to lose by asking. Carmen wasn’t bothered at all to share her client so she asked Voilet Starr to join them. She was the only one available in the entire parlor and luckily for him, she said yes to the offer. Voilet is this cute petite masseuse and she does an amazing job with her clients, no complaints from any of them.

Mr. Stone now has two gorgeous masseuses in the same room with him. The girls undressed him and took him to the shower. There the sexy masseuses worked hard on his dick into a frenzy double time. They took him to the massage bed and got him all covered up in Nuru gel. Mr. Stone got the royal treatment, banging two wet pussies with his rock hard dick and spread his load all over their faces. Click here to see them in action taking turns on pleasing their lucky client in a steamy threesome massage session. As you know the masseuse always do their best to please their client and they did one more time in this latest update!


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Revenge on My Boss

John Strong is really pissed off on his boss and found the perfect revenge. He called him and ordered him to go to his place to leave him some files. That wasn’t such a big deal but his attitude is what bothered him but he found the way to get back at him. When he got there his wife Sara Luvv mistook him with one of her massage clients while wearing a tiny silk robe. John explained that he worked for her husband and what he was doing there. She felt so embarrassed about the situation and asked him not to tell her husband about their little misunderstanding.

He didn’t know what she does when he’s at work and she wanted to keep it that way. Sara offered him a massage to make sure that he keeps his mouth shut. She took him to the mattress where she revealed her amazing body and started rubbing her naked client using the Nuru gel. John couldn’t believe his eyes after the way he started his day things couldn’t end in a better way. He was about to bang his boss’ smoking hot wife in his house. It was the best way to get back at him and from the looks of it, his wife didn’t seem too bothered about taking a squirt of his spunk on her ass. Cluck below!


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Stepsister Massage

Codey Steele agreed to supervise his little sister to this pool party. But when Ariana Marie really started to have fun, he had to bail because of a sunburn. She really wanted to stay at the party, so she insisted on trying to heal it using her mom’s Nuru gel. But once she started rubbing his shoulders in the bath, her tiny bikini top got tangled and soon her tits popped out. He knew that it was inappropriate to stare at his step sister’s private parts, but he couldn’t stop staring and really enjoyed what he saw. His little step sister has some really nice tits and it wasn’t too hard for him to start thinking about all kind of things even though she is his sister.

Ariana insisted that they go to the party now that he feels better, but until they left Ariana had a few things to take care of. Codey’s swim shorts were pretty tight for his burgeoning cock so she took them off, she was naked so he had to take them off too. Ariana moved him to the massage mat where she took his swollen dick in her mouth right before Ariana fucks him with her pussy. Codey turned her around and begins pumping her slippery pussy. He made her orgasm, then dumps his load, shooting jizz all over her tight ass. Enjoy!

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