O’ Brother Grow Up with Jojo Kiss

Jojo Kiss shared her secret with her step-brother in this latest video. She started working at a massage parlor a few weeks ago to earn some extra money. But she knew that eventually someone will found out about it and tell the entire school, and she was right. One of the guys saw her around the parlor and made sure that everyone knew about it, including her big step-brother, Tyler Nixon. He couldn’t believe it and he knew that he had to ask his little sister about this. Everyone knew what really happens in these massage parlor and he couldn’t see his little sister doing it.

So when he got home, he went straight to her room and enter it without even knocking. Jojo was there in her sexy lingerie fixing out her bed. She could tell that Tyler found out about it after the way he was looking at her. She tried to downplay the situation but it didn’t go her way. He threatened her with telling their parents and that really scared Jojo. She knew that she had to convince him not to do it and she did it the best way she could. Somehow she convinced Tyler to try out one of her porn massages and the poor guy just couldn’t resist her charms. Jojo had him exactly where she wanted him and that was banging her sopping pussy. Although Tyler wasn’t a big fan of the idea he sure seems to enjoy it now. Click here to see these two in action!